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Celebrating 175 years: 1848-2023

Activities: August through October
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August Celebration Activity: School Reunion

The first mention of a Christian Day School in our church history is Pastor Noll's  teaching in a room set aside in the log parsonage. A formal log school building was built in 1868. In late 1891, a new school was built and is still standing today - 132 years later.

The one-room school was closed after the 1962 school year, however. The congregation then paid tuition for students to attend St. John's Lutheran School in Red Bud or St. Peter's Lutheran School in Evansville.

August School Group (2).jpg

Former students of  the Christian Day School who gathered for a school reunion on Sunday, August  6. 

August Steve Bell Watchers.jpg

One of the highlights of the reunion was ringing the old school bell that was taken out of the school house, cleaned, and mounted on a new stone base just outside the east entrance to the church. Steve Tindall, a second-grader when the school closed, rang the bell to signal the start of worship after the reunion.

August Kuekers and Tindalls at table (2).jpg
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September Celebration Activity: Sunday School

We began a formal Sunday School program in the 1960's after the closing of our Christian Day school. Thirty-two members have served as Sunday School teachers since then. We celebrated with coffee, juice, sweet treats, and Bible Bingo for an hour before our worship service began on September 3.

Sept Group.jpg

Former and current Sunday School teachers and students gather for a photo after the worship service.

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October Celebration Activity: Fellowship

On October 1, we celebrated 175 years of Christian Fellowship as a church family over chicken soup, sandwiches, and dessert after the service. Thanks to Scott and Susie Becker for preparing the soup and to members who brought desserts.

October Nolan and little cousin.jpg
October Sue and Kruses_edited.jpg
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