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Our Congregation

St. John's Lutheran Church is a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregation where God’s good gifts of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life are freely, graciously, and generously dispensed through the pure proclamation of His Holy Word of Law and Gospel, the correct administration of His Holy Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, and the bold declaration of Holy Absolution.

Church Council Members

Chairman: Dennis Phegley

Elders: Brian Liefer, Jonathan Mehring, Timothy Schrader

Trustees: Matt Roedl, Jeff Schlueter, Lloyd Schoenbeck

Secretary: Deb McCutcheon

Treasurers: Jill Phegley, Diann Scherle

Sunday School Teachers

Director and teacher for 5th-8th grade: Amanda Roedl

Teacher for pre-school-4th grade: Kaley Roedl

Hand bell choir director: Joy Meyer


Diann Scherle


Pastor Randy Fischer

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